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Oneshot Image Checker (TASCAL)

- Speedy
- Reasonable
- Easy
- Inline and desktop available

Inspection Specification

  Description Note
Programming Mode • Quick Compare Mode
• Advance Mode
• Almost no need programming.
• Just only designate partition number
  of PCB.
• Advance: individually programming
  detail analyze area.
Checking Detail • Component missing, and check
  polarity position, shift and different
• No soldering
• Check letter code
• Check color code or resistor
• Check extra material, compare
  color, dimension square measure,
  blob and tip parts mount position
• Soldering check is only missing or
  not. (Impossible analyze in case of
  special shape)
Analyzing Function • Quick compare mode
• Indivisibly setting mode
   (Advance mode)
• Reporting function
• Image save function


General Specification

  Description Note
PCB Size
Component Size

MIN:    50  mm x 50 mm
MAX:   250mm x 330mm
(2 shot:over wide size 173mm)

   •  Over 1608 tip size
  ※ Check Print character:
      Over 2125 tip size
Photo Graphics
• Camera:     Single lens reflex camera
• Resolution Image:   18,000000 pixcel
• Limit of Resolution:  50μm/pixcel
• Frame Range:         173mm x 260mm
• Lighting:     High-brightness LED


• Quick compare mode
• Indivisibly setting mode
• Reporting function
• Image save function

  (Advance mode)

Dimension • Inline type:     W650 x D750 x H1450
• Desktop type: W650 x D750 x H750
  ※Exclude signal light
Power Supply • AC100V~240V Single-phase
       50/60Hz  1kVA less
  ※Set deriver
Air • Unnecessary  
Working Environment • Temp:       10℃~35℃
• Humidity:  80% (No condensation)
Conveyor • Feed: Belt system
• Level of conveyor:  900mm +/- 10mm
• Wide adjust: manual 80mm~250mm
• I/F: SEMEMA 1.2

In terms of design and specifications may change without notice.

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