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Full Color LED Test Probe

• Accurately detect LED color with RGB sensor
• Applied DC5V/ 5mA, output VR, VG, VB respectively
• Combine the sensor and circuit together, without using optical fiber
• Miniature size and Easy mounting on fixture pin board

          Work Distance      Range: 2-8mm       Recommended: 4mm

          Sensor used         Miniature RGB sensor   
                                       R:  λ = 400 - 540 nm
                                       G:  λ = 480 - 600 nm
                                       B:  λ = 590 - 720 nm
Voltage:      DC 5V(+/-)0.25V 
                                       Current:      < 5mA
          Output  Voltage    VR, VB, VG:     0 - Vc
          Signal Cable        Type:     Flat Flex Cable     5 Contacts (AWG28)
                                       Length: About 1000 mm
                                       Signal Assignment:
                                                 Contact  1       Gray         VR
                                                 Contact  2       Gray         VG
                                                 Contact  3       Gray         VB
                                                 Contact  4       Gray         GND
                                                 Contact  5       Green        P5V
          Size                      Width:   8.0(+/-)0.5 mm
                                       Length:  44 (+/-)0.2 mm

          Mount Method      Nickel plated brass spacer at top part of the probe with M3 screw hole

          Temperature        Operating:   -10 to 70℃  ( 14 to 158 F)   
Storage:      -25 to 70℃  (-13 to 158 F)
Product Family
      Part Number: 
 KEC2101    KEC2102        KEC2103       KEC2104        KEC2105       KEC2106

      Sense Level*:   <20mcd     15-60mcd       40-160mcd    125-500mcd    400-1500mcd   >1500mcd

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LED Color Test Probes KEC2101 Sense Level <20mcd KEC2101 US$40.00 Add to Cart
LED Color Test Probes KEC2102 Sense Level 15-60mcd KEC2102 US$40.00 Add to Cart
LED Color Test Probes KEC2103 Sense Level 40-160mcd KEC2103 US$40.00 Add to Cart
LED Color Test Probes KEC2104 Sense Level 125-500mcd KEC2104 US$40.00 Add to Cart
LED Color Test Probes KEC2105 Sense Level 400-1500mcd KEC2105 US$40.00 Add to Cart
LED Color Test Probes KEC2106 Sense Level >1500mcd KEC2106 US$40.00 Add to Cart
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